Thursday, May 3, 2007

Katrina in the News

1. From Kevin, M.D.:
Physicians at West Jefferson Medical Center in New Orleans are suing the state of Louisiana for $100 million in uncompensated care after Katrina.
I'm not sure a lawsuit is going to work, but I do admire their chutzpah. Because I don't see the state or federal governments giving any money willingly.
2. From the always astute Dr. Hebert:
The Washington Post reported this week that the federal government declined over $800 million from foreign governments after Katrina. Yes, you heard right. It was offered, and George W. said "no thanks."
Yet our government says it has no money for health care in the Katrina zone (or for waiving the Stafford Act's 10% local match, despite that having been the case for both 9/11 and Hurricane Andrew).
And of course, we have billions and billions for the Army in Iraq, but that's another story.
Which leads to our third and last item for today...
3. President Bush's veto on the troop funding bill was the lead item on the news a day ago. But a tip of the hat to the New Orleans Fox affiliate (Fox 8) for pointing out that the vetoed bill contained more than military matters.
In fact, H.R. 1591 contained billions of dollars for additional Katrina relief.
So yet again, the fate of the Gulf Coast is tied to the Gulf War, and not for the better.
As Nathan McCall said, Makes Me Wanna Holler.