Wednesday, January 3, 2007

You know, that Elvis dude

B and J are at the breakfast table the other day.
B starts humming a song.
B: "Do you know that song, J?"
J: "Um, no. What is it?"
B: "It was on American Idol last year."
J: "Oh, yeah, I know that song."
B: "Yeah, it was sung by Taylor Hicks. Except he didn't write it. It was a song by some guy named Elvis."


Flea said...

Elvis, er, Dr. S,

Thanks for visiting and welcome to the blogosphere!

Look out for a shout out to you at Flea tomorrow.



Shinga said...

Yes, you know you are definitely in the older generation when you hear Young Things say, "Abba's really good. They do great covers of STEP's songs" and roll your eyes.

Happy blogging.

Regards - Shinga

PS - came across by virtue of Dr. Flea's shout out.