Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wet burps

J woke up at 2 am on Friday morning throwing up. B followed about 1 hour later. So I cancelled out patients for that day, finished rounding at the hospital, and came home for daddy duty. The boys are feeling a little better now, but J is still having occasional bouts of, as he calls, it "wet burps." Without being too graphic, he'll be sitting comfortably, start a weak little cough, and then a small fountain erupts. Fortunately, it's mostly clear fluid, and he's still peeing okay, not having diarrhea or fever, and generally not uncomfortable. I hope this ends soon because we're getting tired of cleaning up puke spots. In the meantime, B has been spending his time in his room reading and playing on the Leapster, while J has been parked in front of the TV watching Disney movies.

My boys don't get sick very much. Partially because I try to be vigilant about washing hands before coming home, partially because they're not in school or day care. Of course, part of it may be the fact that I'm a pediatrician. Remember how Charlie Brown's father was a barber--while Charlie Brown was totally bald? (Alopecia areata?) That's me; a Charlie Brown father, where my profession does my kids no good. Well, I suppose I exaggerate; on the few times when they do get sick, my wife is very thankful to have a doctor in the house.


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